* Usage: This is intended for use in assessment of COVID-19 severity. By filling the values of three parameters in the required fields and comparing the output value with the cutoff value of 0.5, the risk of developing serious COVID-19 can be expected.
* Disclaimer: The prediction is based on the method proposed in Our Paper . Note that this assessment is not a substitute for professional diagnosis and should not be used as an alternative to professional healthcare.
* Privacy Policy: We will not collect, storage any user data. But if you want to contribute to this project with your data to improve the prediction model, please fill this Data Collecting Table and send to zhuyh19 AT mails.tsinghua.edu.cn
* Source Code and Dataset: github repo
Input values: Lymphocyte count, 10^9/L: (tested in [0.11, 3.67])

Lactic DeHydrogenase(LDH), U/L: (tested in [82.5, 658.7])

C-Reactive Protein(CRP), mg/L: (tested in [0.1, 210])

Neutrophil count(N), 10^9/L: (tested in [0.64, 18.82])

* Age tested in [19,84]

* if above factors(e.g. Lymphocyte count, age) is outside tested interval, please refer to our paper to check if it's suitable for usage of this model.

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